Times they are a’changin


Having worked within the pub trade for many years it is yet again changing. The economic climate, recession and other newly introduced legislation have meant that the leased and tenanted model has been scrutinised and challenged many times.

Times they are a’changin

This is not to say that the lease and tenancy model doesn’t work, but perhaps it doesn’t work for all sites and all operators. The industry is realising that there is no one size fits all; in an industry that is built on diverse personalities, it seems absurd that in this century we would expect a round peg, round hole approach.


When I started FMP in 2009 it was all about leases or tenancies, there was no such thing as a retail agreement nor was there talk of leased and tenanted pub companies moving into a managed arena. Fixtures and fittings were paid on the day of change and a three-year agreement didn’t have a notice period. This model has now proved to be unsustainable.

We now have agreements that suit all skill sets and budgets, with excellent support and training offered as part of the deal. From Franchises (or a “pub on a plate” as I like to call them) to flexible deals, all the pub companies are reinventing the wheel and competing to make their company attractive to all. The interest to work within the industry is higher than ever and potential operators have a greater choice of agreements to choose from.

So even in the relatively short time we have been supplying leads to the pub industry there, have been a number of changes and it appears that the changes are not over. It is up to us to evolve with the sector we operate within.


We are moving into a head hunting and fully managed recruitment sector, with a new website to follow. In all of my career the only sector I didn’t work within was managed and if I am honest I never thought that would be a focus for our business.

So like many of our clients, we have reviewed our business model, and whilst the Findmypub core and outsourced business will always be a major stakeholder for our ongoing strategy, we must embrace the changes within the industry. With the appointment of Carl Hinett and the development of the FindmypubJOBS.com business we are really excited to embark on the new phase of our journey.

So I guess change is inevitably a good thing!


Helen Lees
Managing Director