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Our previously known Valuable Information Brochure has had a complete makeover! Our aim was to give you more of the best information available and we think that is exactly what we have achieved. The name, look and feel has been pulled apart and redesigned to give you the brand spanking new MyPubInsight brochure.

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A new version of an old classic!


Our business is built on people. Finding pubs for people, advising people on careers in the trade, helping people find people for their pubs and delivering people opportunities.

So, we need to make sure our people are well informed!

One of our core values is to be knowledgeable, we pride ourselves on understanding our market well and delivering clear, unbiased guidance. We are always extracting as much information as possible from our clients about their pubs and agreements to ensure we pass on the benefits to you.

The MyPubInsight brochure is an extension of this knowledge combined with a whole lot more! It is your how to, who’s who and what’s what of the trade. We take all the technical industry babble and make it clearer; we advise on all aspects of a career in the sector and collate it all in this handy booklet.

Developed and tweaked over the last 10 years, this is the fourth incarnation of this booklet, previously the Valuable information brochure our latest version has been given a new name, but it is still full of all that same valuable information to help you navigate your way through the options offered.

Our designs have evolved, our presentation may be different – but we are still offering the same solid information and updated content to help you on your chosen pub path.


Back in April I was given the task of completely re-designing our previously known ‘Valuable Information Brochure’. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s a brochure containing everything you need to know about running a business in the pub & bar industry.

This was the biggest project I’d been tasked with so far in my career and it was very daunting I must say, but this was a great place to start to see what I’d actually be capable of…

Megan Hazlehurst, Marketing Assistant
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Who’s Who Index

You can view details about various pub companies and breweries across the UK including their key information in regard to their estate size and coverage as well as the different agreements types they have on offer.

Top Tips when searching for your perfect pub

We appreciate taking on a pub business is a busy time so there is much to think about and prepare for. So, to help and guide you we have included a snapshot of our top tips when searching for your perfect pub.

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