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Viewing pub vacancies online is at the core of our business, but a face to face meeting with a pub company, brewer or landlord is a crucial part of your pub search.

Attending an open day gives you the opportunity to meet with the pub company, brewer or landlord and learn more about their ethos, opportunities, agreement types & recruitment process.

In June 2019 we focus on industry events and top tips to getting you event ready!


Meet & Greet

Thu 27 Jun, 2019
11:00AM to 3:00PM
Holyhead Road, Ketley,
Telford, TF1 5AE

Visiting a pub open day is your chance to visit the pub you are interested in whilst also meeting the people you will be potentially working in partnership with.

There is no better opportunity to get face to face with the key decision makers and find out first hand the ins and outs of running a pub business than this.

Open days are generally informal, relaxed events that allow you to get a real feel for a venue and a pub company, giving you a platform to gather some key information and do some fact finding.

Upcoming events in June


Meet & Greet

Tue 25 Jun, 2019
11:00AM to 3:00PM
Pipers Lane, Hoole,
Chester, CH2 3LS

Admiral Taverns

Great Northern
Pub Open Day

Thu 27 Jun, 2019
10:00AM to 3:00PM
Great Northern,
12 Wesley Place, Keighley,
BD21 5EH

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of the day

Be Prepared - there is nothing like doing a bit of research before you arrive. Head over to and pick over some of the finer details on the pub lettings page. You can then have a list of questions or concerns prepared for when you speak to an advisor. This will not only help you really get the most out of your conversation and ensure you leave fully armed with all the info you need to make an informed decision!

Take a paper and pen – You will most likely leave the events with lots of leaflets and brochures giving you lots of detail, but it’s also worth making your own notes. You may just want to jot down a few key points from your conversation or even highlight a few points made that you want to do further research on. It is always handy to make your own scribbles to refer back too, never more so than in these environments.

First Impressions Count – Taking on a pub is a partnership and you will most likely be meeting some of the people you will be working alongside in your new venture. Whilst these events are usually very informal, it may be an idea to present yourself in a manner that you would want to project in terms of building a rapport, a firm handshake and maintaining eye contact. All are sure fire ways of confidently communicating your professionalism.

Be Honest in your expectations – This is a really big move on your part and that of your chosen pub partner, the key to any successful negotiation is to clearly define your expectations, requirements and have an honest conversation from the off. This ensures that both parties are able to have a canvas to work from that is clear and blemish free. If you have limited funding, say so, better to address any elephants in the room before you get too far into a business deal. It may be that there are funding assistance options that you didn’t know were available or that the pub co can offer you an agreement which means you can still progress with your levels of funding. The fact is, if you don’t ask, you wont know. It is always better to clearly define what you need and what you require – if a deal can be made and you are right for that pub a progressive partner will want to help you realise that ambition. Keep things as open and transparent as possible. Time is a valuable commodity and by having a straight conversation at the start of this process it will help ensure both parties are on the right track.

Be open minded – Much like viewing a house, when you first enter the pub you may be immediately struck or immediately put off. It is always hard when you walk into someone else’s space to visualise the potential instead of the current position. View the pub with your eyes open but also your mind open to what could be. Taking on your own tenancy gives you the autonomy to really put your mark on a pub, working with the pub company is key to really achieving your end game and so whilst you may not be blown away by your first glimpse of the site – keep that end result in mind.

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