A note to you all from all of us at FindMyPub.com

Covid-19 is a reality, and one that is disrupting every one of our lives in some shape or form. We wanted firstly to reach out and let you know that we are taking care of our team and their families by working remotely.

We are dedicated to ensuring the wheels of our website keep turning, and our online facility is protected to ensure we can continue our work during and after these strange times pass. We know that you may be worrying about the effect this is having on our industry and your ambitions of running a pub may be paused for a while.

What we can assure you is this; once this has passed, and it will, the resilient and entrepreneurial spirit of the hospitality sector will regain its full strength and prove once again that the Great British Pub really is the cornerstone of both our communities and economy.

Maybe use this time to prepare, research and perhaps look at some of the amazing online courses available in our sector. Then, when you are ready, we can help you continue your pub search journey. We are poised and ready for recovery, and look forward to sunnier days, beer gardens and helping everyone in the sector get back on track.

Be Safe.

Warmest Wishes,
The FindMyPub.com team