Property Alerts

With the right balance of delivering prompt up to date information without bombarding your inbox, our free property alerts are here to save you time and make sure you are the first to know about our vacancies.

Be notified by email whenever new properties that match your criteria become available by creating your own property alerts. We’ll then send you an email with any new matches to your search criteria.

To do this the first step will be registering with us. Once you have activated your account via your registered email address, you can start your search on for the perfect pub for you.

After successfully performing your search, click ‘Get instant alerts’ in the information bar above the results page. Select the frequency you would like to be notified and click the ‘Create Alert’ button. That’s it! New matches meeting your criteria will be emailed directly to you.

You can manage your alerts directly from your account by going to the ‘Alerts and Searches’ page. Here you will be able to change the frequency of an alert and delete an alert. You can even setup alerts from other recent searches you have performed if you want.

You can cancel your property alerts by logging into your account and either change the frequency to ‘No email alerts’ or click the Delete link. By choosing to change the frequency to ‘No email alerts’ rather than clicking the Delete link will allow you to keep the search where you can reactivate your alert in the future if needed.

‘Favouriting’ a property is the newest feature we have added to that allows you to create a list of properties you are interested in. To select a favourite property simply use the like button in the top-right corner of the listing panel or, in the header area of the property detail page.