Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH)

LJD Pub Coach

Personal Licence

In order to be able to sell alcohol from a licensed premises in England, Scotland and Wales, you or a member of your staff, must hold a personal licence. The personal licence holder authorises the sales of alcohol from the premises. The designated premises manager must possess a personal licence.

In many premises, other members of staff also hold a personal licence so that can also authorise sales and as a matter of best practice. In order to apply for your personal licence you must first gain the appropriate qualification (APLH for England & Wales or SCPLH for Scotland). Once you have achieved this qualification you will then need to complete and submit the licence application.


Study for and pass your Personal License exam in the comfort of your own home.

No travelling to training centres or exam centres. All done at home!


First you will complete your on-line training and then take a mock exam to make sure you are ready for the big one! Once you are ready we will then transfer to our invigilated on-line exam system and follow the process that will allow you take the exam at home

You will need a laptop with a webcam and a mobile phone, which will act as the exam invigilator once you have downloaded the accompanying app. It’s a simple process to follow and our online test centre is fully approved as an accredited personal licence qualification provider

BUT DON’T WORRY - if you’d rather keep it traditional and complete your exam classroom style, then you can still complete your training with us and take a mock exam to make sure you are ready. We can then point you towards your local or nearest test centre where you can book in to take the exam (note an additional charge will apply that varies by test centre)

Pre-Entry Awareness Training


Course Overview

The PEAT (Pre-Entry Awareness Training) e-learning course has been designed for prospective tenants/lessees who are considering signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement. It will allow individuals to identify the main issues which need to be considered and investigated before signing a pub tenancy or lease agreement.

If you are considering entering into a pub lease or tenancy agreement, taking PEAT will give you the knowledge you need to evaluate the agreement you are considering.

Completing this course will help you to prepare for your interview and subsequent meetings with your chosen pub company. It will help you identify both the questions you need to ask and the professional advice you need to seek to enable you to make informed commercial decisions. It will also cover the information a pub company needs to give you.

Modules include:

  • The Pub Industry
  • Types of Agreements
  • The Tie
  • The Premises & Repairs/Maintenance
  • Rent
  • Business Planning
  • Pub Company Support
  • What Next?

Disclaimer : Once a course has been booked will not be responsible for the refund of any courses.