Don’t underestimate your competition!


Establishing yourself in a marketplace and staying at the forefront of your chosen model is a constant challenge, needing regular fine-tuning and reviewing. These reflections in turn provide very clear operational indicators that enable you to reflect, create and improve your offer.

Don’t underestimate your competition!

At the same time, whilst you are focusing on your own business, you always must have one eye on the competition because they should also be doing the same: reflecting on processes, creating new offers, developing existing products, reviewing internal and external process, meaning that there will always be developments in their business.

At MyPubGroup, we aren’t afraid of competition, quite the opposite, we embrace it. We aren’t so naïve as to think that our offer is the only one out there. In fact, knowing that others within the sector offer similar services ensures that we stay at the forefront of our chosen model and are continuously reflective about all we do.

We know exactly who and what we are. We don’t diversify outside of our strategic growth plan and our values remain solid.

We always share content that is valuable to our partners and our candidates, and we pride ourselves on giving a well-rounded view of the marketplace. We continuously strive to improve our offer, relationships and services and I am delighted that in our 10th year the company still holds these values.

In our opinion competition is good and should be embraced and not ignored, not watching your competition could be fatal but ignoring it could be a complete disaster.