Subscribing to mailing list…not just another email


Wondering why you should be on the mailing lists? This could be the perfect way for you to keep in touch with us here at FMP HQ.

Subscribing to mailing list…not just another email

If this digital era in which we live has shown us anything, it is that we are consuming information at ever increasing rates, in turn, we are also becoming more discerning about what information we consume and what we glance at, then delete.

It can seem that our inboxes are bombarded with emails making our phones light up like Blackpool Illuminations. It can sometimes feel overwhelming, and if we are honest, it can be downright irritating too. But there are many advantages to being on the mailing list all which will help you find your perfect pub.

As a growing business, communication is key to our day to day work. We believe email is a great way to share the latest pub vacancies and events with you without constantly interrupting you.

So, what are the benefits to you in subscribing to emails from us here at

Fewer interruptions

Being able to access information as and when you want and need it is hugely important in our busy worlds. You can read that email about a new pub available in your search area when you have the time. Then you dictate the next steps in your own time, driving your pub search yourself.

You are in control

When you sign up to a mailing list, the chances are that you have been able to refine your preferences. This means that you will only be contacted about pubs or events that reflect those preferences. Not only do you get to control what you see but you are also in charge of how you can be contacted.


This is a hot topic that shows no sign of burning out. Electronic communication allows us to reduce our carbon footprint, simply and effectively. Not only are we using less paper, but we can communicate with you from anywhere cutting down on fossil fuel use.

Personal Development

Part of what we do here at is to be an information and advice hub. We regularly publish articles about aspects of the industry that will support you through the journey to getting your pub and beyond. The hospitality industry is competitive, and we aim to share, ideas and innovations that will keep you at the forefront of developments.

We want everything we send you to be timely, controlled by your requirements and above all else, useful. To ensure that you are receiving the most relevant information for your search, make sure you have signed up for property alerts, and when you speak to our team, you tell them exactly what you want in a pub and where you want it. This way your inbox will only have emails from that will help you find your perfect pub.