The definition of marketing


The definition of marketing

Marketing: noun

The action or business of promoting and selling products or services.

We often get asked to provide leads for a specific vacancy or event using the marketing channels available to us and by utilising our database of potential candidates.

As a member of my team rightly pointed out, quality not quantity is where success lies. This is a strategy that our pub company partners also coming to realise more and more. It takes us back to our core purpose "The right person for the right pub”

Marketing activity works. The question that has to be asked is, “What is the brief?” and “How do you measure the success of it?”

Specific, well targeted marketing is even more effective. The questions for those commissioning the activity need to be “Who is the audience?” and “What do I want it to achieve?”  For example, E shots cover a wide audience, targeted calls a smaller but more specific section of candidates. So which marketing activity suits my needs best? Which one of these activities holds the most value?

As ever this goes back to the purpose of the brief.  If I want a specific operator, with specific skills and capital then I would rather talk to one or two candidates and successfully place one.  Targeted calls would potentially be more effective in this situation. The value of moving a closed or underperforming site into a trading substantive, agreement far outweighs the cost of commissioning the targeted activity.

If I want to make potential candidates aware of an offer or event, then this would require us contacting a wider audience in the first instance. An E-shot that targets potential leads in the right area with the right funding followed by targeted activity will yield a better return and utilise time more effectively.

Targeted marketing activity works and this is being proven time and again particularly where we have a clear and specific brief from our partners.

If we get the marketing activity right, then inevitably we can place even more of the right people into the right pubs.