Make your profile POP! – 5 quick tips for making your pub application shine


Make your profile POP! – 5 quick tips for making your pub application shine

Registering your details on is a great place to start in your search for the perfect pub. Our technology not only allows you to store your details for would-be pub companies and breweries to find you, but it also means that you can safely and quickly apply for pubs via our website.

We send out thousands of pub applications every month to pub companies and the like, pubs are in demand now as much as ever and we want you to ensure your profile really highlights your interest and suitability in your chosen pub. With hundreds of applicants to sift through daily, your profile must stand out from the rest.

Did you know that you can switch on a feature in your profile called ‘Talent Pool’ which makes your details visible to some of the country’s key decision-makers at national and regional pub companies?

Alongside this, you can keep updating this profile in real-time to ensure maximum effect. For instance, if you have set up a profile but have just been awarded your personal license – you can pop in and update this and it will instantly be visible!

Here are our team’s top 5 tips on how to really improve your profile and maximize your chances of a successful pub application!

1. Be brave enough to brag!

Don’t be shy folks, this really is the place to toot your own horn. Did you lead a team of x amount during a global pandemic? Tell us. Did you grow sales by x amount? Tell us. If you created a food offer that drove sales, tell us. If you took an old, tired pub and gave it a new lease of life, we want to know. Want to make an impression – then tell us why you are the person that this pub needs. What stands you apart from the rest? A keen eye for detail and top-notch standards? Tell us. We want to know if you are a customer service champion, an accomplished cook, or a marketing wizard. All of this matters and you are the only person that can tell us. So please do.

2. Don’t skimp on the details.

You need to use the profile space to paint a picture of your background to potential recruiters. There is a marked difference between. “I ran a food-led pub for 3 years” and “I managed a team of 12 people in a food-led pub called the Dog and Duck, which specialised in traditional food, cask ales, and fine dining. The pub was based in Oxford and was a drive-to destination, so marketing was essential to attract custom”. Taking the time to pepper a bit more of a breakdown into your background information is so important. Also, you need to make this work history relevant, so give us a good few years’ history – a minimum timeline of 3-5 years background is required on all applications.

3. Personality shines through.

Our pub company partners receive a lot of applications, and whilst they all follow a predetermined form there is also room to inject your own personal brand onto the page. Consider the tone in your write-up. Is your enthusiasm coming through? Are you engaged? Are you advocating for yourself, and do you sound as capable as your skills show you to be? Don’t be afraid to use the free-type section of the form to go a bit deeper into you. What are your values? What drives you? – This kind of narrative is important when it comes to setting yourself apart from the rest. It is a commonly known fact that people buy people. And there is no other business-like hospitality for needing a solid personality to become the forefront of the brand. Tell us in your profile why you are the best person for the job and tell us in your own words.

4. New to the trade? Then paint your canvas accordingly!

If you are brand new to the trade, you may feel less inclined to write up a few paragraphs on your history and suitability. You may wonder if it will be relevant or even be at a loss on what to write. Many people come into this industry from other trades and what you may lack in hands-on experience you can almost certainly account for in transferable skills. Talk to us about your love of customer service, your passion for produce, your commitment to maintaining standards. Tell us if you have managed people, in any capacity or if you have commercial or marketing capabilities that will be super useful for attracting new customers. Whatever your background, whatever your working history you will have some transferable skills you can pull out and promote.

5. Be your own Editor.

Once you have crafted the perfect profile and added all your work history, skills, and personality into your summary – you must review it again to check for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. You are not applying for a content job here, so we are not expecting an essay but what you have written needs to be presented in the best light it can be. There are no marks for this, you won’t be chastised for the odd misplaced full stop but, it’s good practice to read back through your words and just make sure there is nothing glaringly obvious that needs amending. We want your profile to really showcase you in the best possible light – so it’s always worth that double-check before you hit complete!

So, now that you are armed with our hints and tips maybe it’s worth logging back into your profile and making sure it’s as good as it can be. If it’s not jumping from the page – perhaps you can apply some of the above to help, make it really stand out.

We hope this has been helpful.

Remember – if you have any questions or run into any difficulty in accessing your details you can email us at and we will be happy to help.

Best of luck,
The team!