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Red Oak Taverns

Red Oak Taverns was formed in 2011 and we now operate 208 pubs across the UK. Our returns and genuine partnerships are delivered through focused investment in our pubs and in our Tenant Partners. We offer passion and flexibility, and there is no “one size fits all” policy when it comes to our community pubs. We operate managed, franchised, leased and tenanted platforms with the requirements of the pub and chosen Operating Partner driving the most suitable platform and agreement type.

We are fair, transparent and supportive. We invest in our pubs, both at our own cost and in conjunction with our Tenant Partners to ensure we have the tools to maximise the profits from each pub business for both parties.

We operate with an industry leading low ratio of pubs per Business Development Manager to ensure we are responsive to meeting our Partners direct needs. Our flat management structure allows for direct collaboration between our operational field teams and executive management. There are no long-winded approval processes within Red Oak Taverns, even for major investment decisions.

We are looking for talented and enthusiastic operators and alongside we will offer a genuine partnership with flexibility, support and passion for each pub business. Let us become your perfect pub partner!

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