Banish the January Blues with these top motivational employee tips!


With all this talk of feeling low in January and Blue Monday how do you ensure you or your team don't feel down this month?

Banish the January Blues with these top motivational employee tips!

Apparently, January is a depressing time for employees with Christmas credit card bills falling through the letterbox, payday feeling like ages away, and it’s usually wet and cold (at the time of writing this, it’s wet and cold!)

But whether it’s Blue Monday or any other day of the year, keeping staff happy and motivated in the workplace is essential for business success and growth. 
A successful pub should be staffed by happy, hardworking people who enjoy interacting with the general public and giving them a first-class experience, every time.
So, on a dismal day, how do you do this exactly? Read some top tips here from

1. Hold regular staff meetings
Staff meetings aren’t just for people in stiff suits. Host regular staff meetings to discuss promotions and special events that are taking place and use it as a platform for communicating any staff changes. Encourage your team to take it in turns to host meetings too to help boost their confidence and communication skills.

2. Train and cross train
Regular training and top-up training keeps everything fresh in employees’ minds and if you can plan for it throughout the year then even better. If a member of your team has expressed a desire to work in a different area of the pub, try to accommodate it when the time is right, as having staff who can carry out multiple skilled tasks is a great employee to have on board.

3. Set objectives
People like to have goals to work so don’t be afraid to incentivise with business objectives. It can be something as simple as upselling peanuts or crisps – every little bit helps.

4. Encourage camaraderie among your staff
Make sure staff members are respectful of each other. Encourage them to help (rather than alienate) newcomers. If your core staff is a closed clique, you’ll have trouble keeping your new people. Everyone doesn’t have to be friends, but everyone must be friendly and respectful during working hours.

5. Praise staff often and in public
So simple yet so often overlooked. Find something positive to say to every employee publicly every shift. If you’re having a hard time finding something positive to say, then you probably need to do more training with that employee.